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You’re Still One of Ours

  • Opening Reception on Friday, February 1st, 2019 from 6-8 PM

  • Exhibition Dates from Friday, Feb 1st through Feb 22nd, 2019

An exhibit of art from students of Colorado State University

The Carbondale Clay presents works from artists who have studied as undergrad or post-baccalaureates from Colorado State University (CSU). This show is the first in a series of exhibits that feature a Colorado Creative District as the focal point in the gallery. The Carbondale Clay Center and its gallery committee is planning to collaborate and host exhibitions with several other creative districts over the next few years.

This exhibit, “You’re Still One of Ours,” curated by CSU faculty members Sanam Enami and Del Harrow, takes a hard look at the trajectory of young ceramic artists and their journey through the field. One of the most difficult transitions for a young, aspiring ceramic artist is determining what to do with their BFA or BA in ceramics and how they want to continue their artistic practice. Even though this isn’t the easiest transition, the artists invited to this show have been successful moving through this stage and are currently attending or have graduated from a master’s degree program. 

“It’s the nature of our program that for many who choose to continue with a career in ceramics, our program is just one stop in their education. During their time at CSU we’ve watched them grow, and we have grown along with them. Then they have moved on to complete their formal education,” Sanam Enami and Del Harrow, faculty members of CSU ceramics, write in their curator's statement. “It’s the nature of teaching that your students move on. In a way that’s the point: they are on to bigger and better things.”

You’re Still One of Ours encapsulates the CSU faculty’s adoration and support while these young artists continue and blossom into their careers. Alex Zablocki, Brooke Cashion, Camila Friedman-Gerlicz, Erin Paradis, Grant Landreth, Jessi Maddocks, Katherine Robbins, Lauren Mabry, Penelope Van Grinsven, Qwist Joseph, and Sarah Heitmeyer are the emerging artists who helped to elevate the CSU ceramics program to where it is today. Their talents will be displayed in the Carbondale Clay Center gallery through February 22.


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About the Gallery

The Carbondale Clay Center gallery features eleven exhibitions annually, from solo to group shows, both invitational and juried. In addition to changing exhibitions, the work of local artists is featured in our  Gallery Shop. The exhibition area reserved for current shows measures 9' by 24' (216 sq. ft. of floor space) and features pivoting walls, perfect for customizing the space. Available wall space measures 7' by 24'. 

We invite the public to join us every First Friday in downtown Carbondale to see the latest that the gallery has to offer. For more information, please call 970-963-2529 or email

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