CCC Artist in Residence Program

The primary goal of the Carbondale Clay Center's Artist in Residence Program is to provide emerging ceramic artists time and space to develop a body of work that will take them to the next level in their careers while gaining important technical skills and teaching experience. The focus is on creative development and defining one’s artistic voice and individual statement.

There are up to three residencies that run for a 12-month period of time (September 1–August 31). A residents will have opportunity to apply for a second year based on their first year of participation. Residents will share a semi-private studio space and 24/7 access to the Carbondale Clay Center. Residents can expect to be mentored by experienced, talented ceramic artists who are part of the vibrant Carbondale arts community. Please download and read a copy of the Resident Artist Handbook prior to applying for this residency. It will give you a greater understanding of the experience, expectations and requirements of a CCC resident artist.


Application for Residency

Application Deadline(not postmarked):  April 5th 2019
Applicants advised by  April 19th 2019
Email materials to or send to:

Carbondale Clay Center
Residency Application
135 Main St.
Carbondale, CO 81623

Please send:

  • Application form including the outlined list of materials (click here to download)

  • $30 application fee (checks payable to the Carbondale Clay Center, or click our Buy Now button below to pay online)

Feel free to call or email with questions: 970-963-2529 or

2018-2019 Artists in Residence


Savanna LaBauve is an artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who recently earned BFA from Louisiana State University, concentrating in ceramics and painting. Growing up in her parents’ retail store, Lezárd Rouge, Savanna was always surrounded by artists and their creative endeavors. That creative stimulus led her to fall in love with art at a young age. Throughout her primary and secondary schooling, she developed a love for drawing and painting. It was not until college, when she was exposed to sculpture and ceramics, that she found her passion for three dimensional works. While at LSU, Savanna sought out unique opportunities to grow both professionally and as a student of the arts. This included pursuing the Printmaking in Florence program where she spent one month studying printmaking with LSU faculty. Furthermore, she was accepted into the National Student Exchange Program which took her to University of Hawaii for one year. Balancing academia with community based learning, Savanna sought additional opportunities to learn from practicing artists at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and Penland School of Crafts. This summer Savanna will be doing a work-study at both Arrowmont and Penland, and has received a scholarship to participate in a workshop at Anderson Ranch. Following her summer journeys, Savanna will join the Carbondale Clay Center family, where she will continue her investigation into patterned installation ceramic work.


Stephanie Seguin received her BFA from Minnesota State University, Moorhead in 2009, and her MFA from Pennsylvania State University in 2017. Born and raised in the Minneapolis area, Stephanie utilized her ambition in clay to explore new places by working for production and educational studios between her undergrad and graduate studies. Positions ranging from academic instructor to facility assistant have been held in Italy, the Caribbean, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Northwest Montana. Stephanie’s love for discovery and newly acquired knowledge continues to drive her studio research which takes form most commonly through clay objects which represent the familiar in unconventional presentations.

Past Resident Artists

Nancy Barbour (2000-2001)

Frank Saliani (2000-2001) 

Albion Stafford (2000-2002) 

Steven Colby (2001-2003)

Julie Johnson (2002-2003) 

Richard Schwartz (2003-2004) 

Lauren Laughin (2003-2004) 

Lea Tyler (2004-2005)

Janice Jakielski (2004-2005)

Alix Knipe (2006-2007) 

Jessica Fitzgibbons (2006-2007)

Seul Ki Park (2006-2007)

Benjamin Stout (2006-2008) 

Allie Ogg (2007-2008) 

Paige Wright (2007-2008) 

Jesse Ring (2007-2008) 

Alex Watson (2008-2009) 

Mark Harro (2008-2010) 

Lauren Mabry (2009-2010) 

Elliot Marquet (2009-2011)

Holly Curcio (2009-2011) 

Lisa Ellena (2010-2011)

Bayard Hollins (2010-2011) 

Kelly McKibben Harro (2010-2011) 

John Cohorst (2010-2012) 

Nathan Bray (2010-2012) 

Tyler McGinn (2011-2012)

CJ Jilek (2011-2012) 

Tony Wise (2011-2012) 

HP Bloomer (2011-2013) 

Brandon Whitacre (2012-2013) 

Kendra Sparks (2012-2014)

Staci DeBolt (2012-2014) 

Mike Stumbras (2013-2014) 

Matthew Eames (2013-2015) 

Molly Berger (2014-2015) 

Susie Pentelow (2014-2015) 

Elina Jurado (2014-2016) 

Liz Heller (2015-2016) 

Collette Spears (2015-2017)