Matthew Eames . Threw and Thru 

At the Carbondale Clay Center, June 2017. Opening Reception First Friday, June 2 from 6pm to 8pm.

 " I am fascinated by the development of space. With my work, I look to interpret space and structure through physical and emotional layers. By presenting incomplete junctions of materials juxtaposed with recognizable structural elements, this work is a reminder of the lack of permanence that exists within our constructed realities. My use of line, angles, and space all meant to trigger some amount of emotional discomfort among the structural presence." 


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Inspiration (s) 

"I have been working with clay and thread for several years within my installative works. I find the juxtaposition of the two materials an intriguing match. Since my work speaks towards fragility and impermanence, I find that clay and thread go hand in hand within that discussion and yet are very common place items. 

With this piece, I am thinking of ways that highlight constructed spaces through tenuous arrangements and materials. I am taking the built space out of it normal context to highlight the subconscious reality of impermanent structure."

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"Threw & Thru will primarily be an installation but I am creating sculpture to go towards the back of the gallery. The installation will be 16' long x 9' wide by 8' tall. I have the plan to exhibit another five sculptural works as well.

 I use all purpose thread, wood, metal, water, fired and unfired ceramic parts. Color isn't going to play as large of a role in this installation, more the natural hues and tones of materials."

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  "In a perfect world, the  viewer will be tense and uncomfortable yet intrigued and curious. Again juxtaposed emotions, and yet I often think that how our emotions often work. I love the fascination of art and its ability to communicate to the general public. I wouldn't want my art to detract for that conversation but the exact opposite; build dialogue."

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