Kids Classes


A Bugs Life

4-5 year olds

June 13-15, 9:30-11am



Dig into the backyard and seek out all the different forms of life from the garden! Join us in making bugs, flowers, birds and much more! $50


Pet Projects

4-5 year olds 

June 27-29, 1-2:30pm


Learn to hand build forms of your favorite pet or animals! $50


Disney Dreams

4-5 year olds

July 25-27, 9:30-11am


Imagine a world full of Disney characters! Lets make this a real adventure into recreating a variety of Disney characters. $50


I'm Puzzled

6-8 year olds

June 13-15, 1-3:30pm


Confused yet? Get out your magnifying glasses and figure out clay through objects fit for a puzzle master.  $75


The Good Dinosaurs

6-8 year olds

June 20-24, 1-3:30pm


Travel back 64 million years to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Recreate dinosaurs as we battle through clay on a quest for survival before the meteor crashed into the earth! $125


Space Odyssey

6-8 year olds

June 27-29, 9:30-Noon


Take a trip to outer space as we explore the never-ending depths of starts, planets and aliens. $75


Sweet Tooth

6-8 year olds

July 4-8, 1-3:30pm


Lets add alittle sugar to our day by creating all types of delicious clay treats.


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